About Us

We are family team - Katarina Olshevskaja & Sergej Olshevskij (my beloved husband and partner). We are from Belarus. We would like to bring some joy, happiness, beauty and pleasure into your everyday life through our handmade cozy little things. I am so fond of “womanly” things - cross stitching, decoupage, sewing and some other handcrafts, and my husband is of great help in making all the necessary things to make my work easier – cross-stitching table frames, wooden plaques for decoupage, metal plates for magnets and so many more ones. He also brings home heavy fabrics for our table linens, and … well, to put it straight, it would be impossible to start and keep our small business going without him ;))) And in his free time he is keen on designing, modeling and making “heavy and solid” things – different trolleys needed for our household, green-houses constructions, gazebos, barbecues, summer kitchens, smokers and so on. He is also very good at 3-D computer modeling… Well, I am really lucky to get him :)))

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