Monday, May 30, 2016

AFTERNOON TEA - Rosehips Tea Cross Stitch Chart

Try Rosehips Tea and no longer will the sight of a fading rose seem a sad thing to you)))

Ah, the rose! It is the symbol of love and inspiration to poets and lovers everywhere. But care not for the flower when the fruit holds the key to a healthier, fresher more energetic life! Wonderfully delicious and filled with the benefits of vitamin C, this tea will soon be one of your favourites )))

So, the sixth and the last of the AFTERNOON TEA collection - Rosehips Tea.

Rosehips Tea Cross Stitch Pattern

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

AFTERNOON TEA - Apple Mint Tea Cross Stitch Chart

Combine tea bags, fresh apple slices and some fresh mint leaves in a tea pot. Fill with boiling hot water and steep for 5 minutes. Pour and strain into ice-filled pitcher. Add some apple cider and honey if desired. Fill individual cups with ice and serve the drink.  If in winter – drink it hot!

The fifth design of our new AFTERNOON TEA cross stitch collection - Apple Mint Tea.

You can find it in our shop right HERE .

Apple Mint Tea Cross Stitch Pattern

You can find other designs of the collection HERE . 

Friday, May 20, 2016

AFTERNOON TEA - Blackberry Tea Cross Stitch Chart

Sun, warmth, long days, gardens filled with vegetables, trees and bushes bending beneath the weight of fresh fruit… this is summer. All throughout the winter I think about relaxing outside on summer days, listening to the birds and feeling the sun…  Oh, it IS hot sometimes (((
Hey, I don’t have to spend the hot summer sipping nothing but water! So I just grab a nice cold cup of blackberry tea and head outside!

The fourth design of our new AFTERNOON TEA cross stitch collection - Blackberry Tea.

You can find it in our shop right  HERE .

Blackberry Tea Cross Stitch Pattern

You can find other designs of the collection HERE . 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

AFTERNOON TEA - Raspberry Tea Cross Stitch Chart

With all the beautiful raspberries we’ve picked the past summer, I decided to take my favorite cold sweet tea to a new level of delicious. I made Raspberry Iced Tea. And it’s absolutely heavenly.

I think this is about the most perfect cup of flavored iced tea. With its ruby red gorgeousness, warmed by sun-kissed summer berries and cooled by refreshing mint, it beckons me to slow down. And isn’t that what a cup of tea is truly all about?

The third design of our new AFTERNOON TEA cross stitch collection - Raspberry Tea.

You can find it in our shop right HERE .

Raspberry Tea Cross Stitch Pattern

You can find other designs of the collection HERE .

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AFTERNOON TEA - Lemon Balm Tea Cross Stitch Chart

Iced Lemon Tea is my favorite :)) It’s a great drink to have in summer. Nothing is as refreshing as an iced cup of lemon tea after a hot tiring day!

The second design of our new AFTERNOON TEA cross stitch collection - Lemon Balm Tea.

You can find it in our shop right  HERE .

Lemon Balm Cross Stitch Pattern
You can find other designs of the collection HERE . 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

AFTERNOON TEA - Orangle Blossom Tea Cross Stitch Chart

I am proud to present a new cross stitch designs collection - AFTERNOON TEA! I have recently found these old bad-quality-paper-printed-on designs and decided to re-chart them. The result was so nice I decided to share it with you )))

The collection combines 6 amazing designs: 
Orange Blossom Tea, 
Lemon Balm Tea, 
Raspberry Tea, 
Blackberry Tea, 
Apple Mint Tea, 
Rosehips Tea.

You can buy all the patterns HERE . 

Have you ever stood beneath an orange tree in full bloom? The first thing you notice is the scent, at once delicate and overpowering. As you breathe in the warm, sweet fragrance, your ears tune into the music overhead. You look up and see bees buzzing from each waxy white flower to the next. And then you feel it – that sense of joyful calm and relaxation... One of my favorite drinks is the simplest and most fleeting: fresh citrus blossom tea :))

The first one for you to see is ORANGE BLOSSOM TEA cross stitch pattern

Orange Blossom Tea Cross Stitch Pattern

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Grapes & Apples Clock Face

I liked this painting very much, so I decided it would make a nice kitchen clock face. Beautiful, vintage straw basket, full of opaque-misty blue grapes contrasting with transparent yellow ones. Ripe, waxy, juicy sweet apples. Dried-up, autumn-brown crispy grape vine leaves. I chose to use embossed blue grapes' color scheme numbers for this clock face. Hope you will like it, too:))
You can buy this clock face  HERE .

Grapes & Apples Clock Face

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Antique Monogram Letter Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

I have successfully finished re-charting of this beautiful monogram letter design! I totally love them! These letter designs are so beautiful, vintage, romantic and of totally handmade look. There are two things for you to keep in mind: letter J also stands for letter I, and there is no W as in many old alphabetic designs. As some of the letters may appear a bit funny to recognize at once, I marked all of them with simple-looking letters. I also added all the letter sizes in stitches to the photos for you to know them immediately. 
You can buy the chart HERE 

Antique Monogram Letter Counted Cross Stitch

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Once upon a time..." Wall Plaque

This image happened to get into my collection just after we (my husband and I) had watched "Merlin" TV series. We literally "swallowed" all 5 seasons for whole three days of our New Year holidays (followed the characters' adventures day and night). In order not to forget that happy, relaxed mutual pastime, I decided to use the image for our basement wall decoration. Well, you know, all those kings and queens, knights in shining armour and their beautiful ladies; great battles; dragons, magic, witches and wizards, warlocks, gnomes, goblins, ghosts… 
So, here, at last, comes the result!

Once upon a time (inspired by "Merlin" TV series)