Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tilda-Doll Angel

Ta-dam))) I have just finished my first Christmas magnet (I mean, first for this coming Christmas). It was my sister’s order to be given to her godson. While thinking over the image she would like, I just browsed Google-pictures using country angel key words - and here you are to choose freely! I particularly liked this very picture (there were also some more of the type). The picture quality was not very nice, so I had to "clear" the background and then replace it by another one to match the color scheme. I also add some “volume” to the angel for it to look plump like real tilda-dolls. Actually, I used this picture to make two magnet variants – with matte and glossy acrylic finish. Well, the matte one looked really vintage, and the glossy one was so shiny and festive)) I liked them both :)) Both ones are now living in their new homes.

Christmas Tilda Angel
Home Décor magnet from my «Magnetic Force» collection.
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